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Christmas 2018 Shutdown Times

Christmas 2018 Shutdown Times

Please find attached our Christmas shutdown poster for 2018 highlighting our working hours over the next few weeks, during the days specified in the poster our office will be closed however there is still a team of engineers to cover any callouts if required, please note as this is out of our normal hours usual callout charges may vary.

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Darfield Park Bowling Club – Sponsors

We recently sponsored Darfield Park Bowling Club which has been around since the 1920’s!

As we are the sponsors of the team we bought everyone a new polo shirt with the logo and their name on as many other local teams have already.

We feel privileged to be able to help out a local team who in recent times are increasingly under money pressures.

Due to our good relationship with the club we have also entered the “Pubs & Clubs” league, as this was the first time playing bowls for many of us we still need a lot of practice before we even have a chance to beat the winners of the league however, we believe Joe McAuley is our dark horse and next season we will be at the top!

(Joe even brings his grandads old bowling balls to every match).

We look forward to having a good relationship in the future with Darfield Park Bowling Club.

Project Paperlite

We have been working tirelessly since the end of last year to introduce a new paper-lite system which would work better for both our clients and also everyone in the office and on the road.

In July 2018 we successfully implemented this new system, this has meant all our engineers are now working from iPads instead of the old paper based job sheets. All the new changes implemented have increased productivity massively already even though the system has been live for just over a month.

As all of the job sheets are now electronic this has enabled us to implement things such as images and drawings for all of our clients to see before and after images when they receive their paperwork. This also has a big impact on the environment as we are no longer buying large quantities of paper based job sheets. Massively reducing our carbon footprint.

With the addition of electronic jobs we now have the scheduled view, this is a full week view for all our engineers which enables us to program work in far in advance and also gives us real time updates on the progress of jobs our engineers are currently working on. Both of these features have improved our process as before this system we were unable to program work in far in advance.

We still have other features we are hoping to implement in the near future, possibly even bar code scanning at some point.

We look forward to seeing the continued benefits from this paper-lite system and hope all of our clients have a better experience when using Smart Door Solutions Limited.

Darfield Cricket Club

Darfield Cricket Club

As we love to support local clubs/teams we have also sponsored Darfield Cricket Club at the beginning of the season, their ground is now called the Smart Door Solutions Stadium.

We look forward to a good relationship in the future.