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    Fire resistant shutters

Fire resistant shutters

Fire resistant shutters: for wherever fire containment is a priority

Our fire resistant shutters are designed to help prevent the spread of fire throughout a building. They can also help protect specific areas such as escape routes. A vast range of types is available, all manufactured to the highest fire safety standards.


stopping fire from spreading


steel that has been specifically tested and rated to withstand fire


available in 3 fire integrity ratings – 60min, 120min, 240min – providing an effective barrier to protect lives and property


designed to close automatically under fire conditions


various methods can be employed, including a fusible link and an auto solenoid release (linked to the buildings fire alarm system)

Controlled release:

when the fire shutter is released, the descent of the shutter is controlled and the optional use of audio and visual devices can warn people that the shutter is closing


all fire resistant shutters are supplied with battery back-up units as standard, providing a fail-safe in the event of a power failure


manual or motorised single or 3-phase unit operated via a range of different control methods


a range of standard and non-standard colours, textures and finishes


new installations, upgrades to existing fire resistant shutters


choice of locking systems and safety features

  • Customised solutions to suit any opening or environment
  • Design, manufacture, installation
  • Quality materials for years of trouble-free operation
  • Exceptionally competitive prices
  • Repair and maintenance service

Compliant with current CE regulations

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