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    Loading bay equipment

Loading bay equipment

Loading bay equipment: a total range of solutions

Loading bays are generally busy, dangerous work zones. Our equipment and systems are designed to maximise loading efficiency and minimise the risk of injury to personnel.


safe, efficient working

Dock Bumpers


all types from standard black rubber bumpers to heavy-duty options faced with polyethylene for the most demanding environments. We can also supply and install sliding backing plates to allow travel on your bumper as the vehicle’s height is adjusted up or down during loading and unloading.

Traffic Lights


a complete range of loading bay traffic lights for improved safety. These feature ultra-bright LED systems that offer an exceptionally long operating life.


all designs are compact to maximise visibility whilst also minimising the risk of accidental damage by lorries in the loading area


our loading bay traffic lights can also be fully integrated with the loading bay door controls so that when the door is opened the light changes

Control options:

various different control options are available including sensor operation or activation from a central control panel. Several different types of control panel are also available including units for wing lip and telescopic dock levellers that will fit most machines. We also supply and fit composite control panels to suit your individual requirements.

Dock Shelters

Options available include:

Cushion dock shelters:

most suitable for docks that are used by a dedicated vehicle fleet

Curtain dock shelters:

suitable for a wider variation of purposes and for loading and unloading operations with a large variety of vehicle heights and widths

Curtain dock shelter with foam core:

most suitable for container vehicles or vehicles which raise and lower over extreme distances during the loading and unloading process

Inflatable dock shelter:

most suitable for vehicles which vary significantly in size.


all of our dock shelters are made from the best quality materials to provide a high degree of wear resistance. They will continue to maintain a good appearance over a prolonged period of time.


our dock shelters also offer an optimum seal between the internal and external environments to assist with the reduction of energy consumption.

Dock Levellers

Reduced handling times:

our dock levellers allow loads to be moved in or out of vehicles in a single horizontal movement, vastly reducing handling times, the risk of damage or accidental injury

Bridging the difference:

our dock levellers are designed to precisely bridge the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle in the most efficient way.

Even if the vehicle bed is not entirely horizontal due to uneven loading, the flexible platform construction will easily compensate for the difference in height resulting from the platform not being level.

Types include:

hinged lip and telescopic lip.

The hinged lip is usually a standard length of 400mm and both the platform and lip are hydraulically operated by means of a single button.

The standard continuous telescopic lip can slide from 0 mm up to 500mm and the platform and lip are hydraulically operated by a button control station.


our dock levellers that are manufactured from high quality materials with sturdy steel leveller construction and reinforced anti-twist platforms.

Health and safety features:

these include emergency stop, safety stop control valves in the hydraulic cylinders and clearly marked moving parts.


new fit-out or upgrade/modification of existing loading bay equipment.

  • Customised solutions to suit any opening or environment
  • Design, manufacture, installation
  • Quality materials for years of trouble-free operation
  • Exceptionally competitive prices
  • Repair and maintenance service

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