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    Smoke and fire curtains

Smoke and fire curtains

Our smoke and fire curtains offer protection for large open buildings

Simple, effective and cost-efficient solutions that help protect large open buildings from the threat of fire, smoke and hot gases. They are suitable for even the most complex large structures such as airports and shopping centres. They are discreet and lightweight yet have a level of performance equivalent to that of fire shutters and fire doors.


fire containment


two hours of protection from deadly smoke and fire


a small unobtrusive box, which can be mounted in a ceiling void. Even the slim-line bottom rail of the curtain fits neatly in place when the curtain is raised


all of our smoke and fire curtains are driven by battery-operated motors so they will operate even in the event of loss of mains power


All of our curtains are certified and comply with the necessary standards

  • Customised solutions to suit any opening or environment
  • Design, manufacture, installation
  • Quality materials for years of trouble-free operation
  • Exceptionally competitive prices
  • Repair and maintenance service
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